We at Naked Smurf Productions would like the Record to show that we hold no claims nor are we associated with The Smurfs, Peyo, Hanna Barbera or Anyone else that has ever drawn a Smurf. Naked Smurf is meant merely as a satire.

There may be some type of material that can and probably will offend.

Don't try this at home.

This Site is to be meant as

a Résumé,  a Portfolio, and/or a Reel.

Many of these pieces may also be viewed on my Facebook.

This Site is to focus more on the art & less on my Personal Life.

This Sites primary function is to offer the World a glimpse of My Story as well as my many other Artistic Outlets.

- BloodLock -

has been in the making for many years now.

A Passion Project I would love to see on the Big Screen some day.  Movies are not my only goal as I would like to hit all genres of Media.

Like most medias, though,

(Books, Video Games, TV or even Major Motion Pictures)

there is a string of Credits giving thanks to all that helped...

I am but one man.

At some point in history,

for Past or Future holds little merit on this world of element based creatures which can only be described as


there is a planetary

Civil War taking place.

At a pivotal point of annihilation one Elder is forced to invoke the power of his peers and using the last of its own life force traps all other "Essences" in a rune stone.

With little to no understanding of their situation these "Essences" are sent rocketing through space like a shotgun blast with only a clue to their release echoing in their minds...

- Blood Lock -