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Project BloodLock

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At some point in history, for Past or Future holds little merit on this world of element based creatures which can only be described as "Essences," there is a planetary Civil War taking place. At a pivotal point of annihilation one Elder is forced to invoke the power of his peers and using the last of its own life force traps all other "Essences" in a rune stone. With little to no understanding of their situation these "Essences" are sent rocketing through space like a shotgun blast with only a clue to their release echoing in their minds...

-Blood Lock-

This blast of magical rocks are hurtled in the direction of Earth creating a catastrophic planetary collision of Earth, Mercury, Venus, & Mars eventually becoming a new planet four times the original size of Earth now orbiting Saturn like a moon. The Size and Mass of this newly formed planet creates an environment fully capable of sustaining life but now offers a new spectrum of color. Impossible new elements, strange new life & purple skies gives way to an exciting but potentially dangerous new landscape.


Humans, for the fraction of time they have graced this reality, have thought they are the only sentient life. Though they have their differences in belief, most look to the heavens for a chance to catch a glimpse of something more. Perhaps they were looking the wrong direction. Aside from these new Essence creatures raining down, there have been creatures all around us this whole time. Creatures watching... waiting. Waiting to take on the role of dominants. Factions of creatures. Factions of factions of creature waiting for a moment just like this. The moment the humans are thinned out and weakened. One specific faction of these creatures are called Kaeru. The Kaeru are a reptilian race bent on ruling over all life on this new world.


One of the most diabolical Essences, self titled (Gryfn) the essence of Chaos, has been released from his Runic prison on this new world. As Chaos grows it infects the land and minds of all that comes in contact. Gryfn feeds off of the hatred of the Kaeru and eventually leads them to war against the human civilizations as a mask for his true intent... to bring forth the end of all reality!


Now, not to get to far ahead, our story starts in the forested country area just West of  modern day suburbia with a young average Joe by the name of Kero Mayes just before the Worlds Collide. What will it be like to witness the worlds end first hand? Will Kero have to go it alone? How do these Essences, the Kaeru, or even Gryfns' death wish effect the out come?


This story is about a motley crew of special powered misfits traveling through time to prevent a total end of all reality. Friends made, Loves lost, Drug use, Alcohol abuse... All this and much more.. Stick around & you might even learn something.